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Full-day workshop at IISE Annual Conference
(Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers)
May 30, 2020; New Orleans, LA

Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Quality of Organizations as Systems by Leveraging Disappointment

This innovative, interactive workshop explores a holistic, systemic model and approach for organizations.  It explains how five subsystems – culture, structure, process, technology, and training – must be designed, implemented, operated, and improved as interdependent components of the larger sociotechnical system.  It investigates common problems in organizations and illustrates their systemic identification and remediation.  It contrasts centralized, episodic intervention with distributed, inherent wellness.  Finally, it explores a mindset and a methodology that enables everyone throughout the organization to be ongoing agents of positive change and of improved quality, by leveraging disappointment as a trigger and focus of inquiry.

(Conference registration required. See conference website for further details.)

Recent Events

Feature article in PPI SyEN #78
(Project Performance International’s
Systems Engineering Newsletter)
June 27, 2019

A Model for Exploring and Improving Organizations as Systems

The complexity of modern organizations demands a systemic approach in conducting activities, and failure to approach this complexity systemically is the root cause of most of the problems facing companies and institutions today. This paper proposes a model of an organization with five orthogonal elements: culture, structure, process, technology, and training. These elements must be designed, implemented, and operated as effective subsystems – even more importantly, as interdependent components of the larger system – in order to manage such complexity. Finally, it suggests how this systemic approach can be broadened, distilled, and simplified into a mindset and methodology that enables everyone throughout the enterprise to be an agent for positive change, better quality, and continuous improvement.