"Complex problems need Sugar Creek Solutions!"

We've all seen it: components from four or five different sources are supposed to come together and interoperate "auto-magically"; however, when the desired end-to-end results are not forthcoming under real-life conditions, the speculation and finger-pointing begin more earnestly than productive troubleshooting. Why? ... because each participant is only knowledgeable about a respective portion, but no one has overall understanding and responsibility for it all coming together – and because, although undesired behavior may manifest in one area, the actual root-cause often lies elsewhere in the system.

Sugar Creek Solutions was a pioneer in diagnosing and remediating multi-vendor, in-room systems in hospitals (including pillow speakers, nurse-call systems, healthcare-grade TVs and interactive patient systems). Now, we provide design, analysis and troubleshooting services for a variety of complex, multi-vendor, socio-technical systems across technologies and markets. Our fundamentally systemic, systematic approach to troubleshooting has located, identified and resolved issues in a variety of projects and implementations. We have a solid track-record of coming into long-standing, supposedly hopeless situations and getting them back on track – quickly and effectively, under high pressure and on a tight schedule.

However, no matter how dramatic or welcome, fire-fighting heroics are not the end of the story: they should always be followed with subsequent fire-investigation and fire-prevention initiatives. Therefore, after resolving immediate roadblocks and restoring needed progress, Sugar Creek Solutions can also facilitate thorough root-cause analysis and fundamental systemic remediation, if so desired by the client.