"Complex problems need Sugar Creek Solutions!"

The immense complexity of the Information Age has outgrown the tools of the Industrial Age, leaving many companies and institutions insufficiently equipped to navigate the treacherous straits of conflicting objectives, requirements and constraints – all amidst ever increasing pressure to do more, faster, with less.

The entirety of a technical system is itself only one element of an even larger meta-system, which typically also includes the culture, organizational structure, processes/workflow and training/development of a company or institution. A breakdown in any one of those subsystems (or improper interoperation among them) can manifest as mysterious symptoms that are far removed in time and space from the actual problem itself.

As a result, many corporate initiatives suffer unintended consequences: if lucky, they're over-budget, over-schedule & under-performing; the less fortunate face catastrophic failure.

Cultivating a systems approach – to anything & everything

A systems approach provides the framework and tools for producing consistent, scalable & sustainable results in the real world of extreme complexity. These can provide a company with:

Sugar Creek Solutions has developed a unique, transdisciplinary synthesis of methodical systems engineering and holistic systems thinking. Options for training and coaching in this systems approach include: introductory seminars; half and full day workshops; and extended on-site facilitation of analysis, design and implementation of positive change.

Would you like to swing on a star?

Wouldn't you like your company or department to run more efficiently and more effectively, with greater personal and professional satisfaction for you and everyone else involved? Function follows form, and a tune-up of your company's meta-system will pay great dividends: improved performance and more consistent, sustainable & scalable results.

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